Sunday, August 29, 2010

In a complicated relationship with...

I woke up, try to read physics-FAILED
I walk around my room, then tried to repair my relationship with physics -FAILED
I was mad at physics, i did laundry instead, then i walk to physics notes, I was begging hard- plz dear lovely, handsome physics~u r my first love ( i lie- it is chemistry actually) PLZ3~..

Oh! maybe i approached physics in a wrong way, is physics, not biology, chemistry or English. I shouldn't approach him like I approach others~Gee...sorry dear physics. My mind has been synchronize to approach you like biology after the test last week. Em..i pondered. I should straight away do questions, then from that i know what i don't understand!

moral:This may be a physics story, but there is more beyond just physics~ *wink*


  1. kesian Mathematic... he deserves some place in ur heart too...

  2. i disown math long time ago cause he broke up with me in a tragic manner~

  3. last tyme i still remember u told me dat ur english is not very good..but, after reading dis blog, i think ur english is kinda superb..!~

  4. her english is kinda cute actually.. huhu. love reading it :p

  5. lol.its not a wreck.. just some (very little) errors... but the error make it sounds cuter :)