Friday, August 27, 2010


Oh...I still have physics test next week plus ESLS final report for investigation plus physics lab report plus bio lab report plus trial SACE but but but.....em, this blog kinda alluring~just a reflection will do fine....

First thing I should ask myself>>> What i have done to my Ramadhan? Do I appreciate and grab the every chance out of it? Again, I blame the atmosphere, the surrounding, which will never be favourable to the heart,which will keep us busy and occupied every seconds.

Second>> PATIENCE! I always have problem with you dear patience~ That is why I tried to keep quiet, less talking so I can ponder on my own weakness rather than people weakness. I should kill this perfectionist side of me which 70% is a history- that's my claim..never done the test statistics to reject or to accept~

Third>>> appreciate, i learn how to appreciate things more now- after I lost some of them.
" Gratitude is the best attitude". I appreciate being an AUSmaT student much much much more now. I learn skills and strong believe in Allah. I appreciate to be ex- MATRI though I was force at the very first place to enroll there. I appreciate all that I hate at first as there are actually good for me. It is true that not all things we hate are bad, some are good.

p/s: oh..i shudn't post this~


  1. Heated Gold becomes Ornament, Beated Coper Becomes Wires, Depleted Stones Becomes Statue.. So, the more pain you get in life you become valuable.

  2. ps:
    heated tugsten will glow continuos light;
    heated elemental gasses will emit emission spectrum;
    electrons bombarded mercury will emit UV light;
    UV light exposed phosphor will flouresce and shine :)
    So, the more pain you get in life, the more beautifully you'll glow ;)

  3. up....down....up...down....up...down...maintain...down...up....maintain...maintain...maintain...

  4. dat apprectiate thing, i oso realised there r sooooooooooo many things i hv to be grateful