Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Internal Assessment sucks what should I do madam?

And the time is up. You may write ur last sentence...(dazed)

That was it. I finished answering bio in super cool Great Hall this morning. I managed to check my answer for the first time in bio test history! (same case for chemistry) and MATH ..definitely! i managed to triple check my 'blank' answer LOLS...~. i pray that i will keep it up until SACE. Allah ease me, alhamdulillah. I do not have a speck of worry. i had done my part and let Him do the rest of it. Later after bio test, I happened to talk to a lecturer who does not teach me currently. She said powerful words which may be cliché but meaningful. She said - in Malay "Kita ada 3 benda usaha usaha usaha, doa doa doa n tawakal tawakal tawakal. Saya percaya walaupun manusia yang mark paper kamu, buat soalan dsb, tapi kuasa Allah lebih hebat dari semua tue".
I love that lecturer..she is the one in a million . I respect her. Oh, how I appreciate to have such a lecturer in INTEC! Quoted: "kalau Allah nk bagi kebaikan kt seseorang tue Allah akan bagi kefahaman deen". Semoga Allah bagi kebaikan kepada dia.Ameen.


  1. Just a little bit more, and watever happen, we must keep on going... and Yes, it is up to Him to where our journey will continue next