Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Uhibbuki Fillah~

i hardly found friends who will remind me to Allah (i mean it here and now,in my own circle of friends)-quoted (anonymous,2010), or am i a friend who never remind her friends to Him? Friends are like perfumes, i wish i am a branded Body Shop perfume! So human i am, i have weaknesses. that is when i need a friend, (we all need 'em) a genuinely friend with the same aim to worship Allah, with the same fikr, with the same ghayah...all~

A friend once told me, she was with her friends, physically (hanging around, doing discussions, etc...), but deep inside the heart it ached for being with 'em.Huh? Err... i don't get the meaning in the first round.Then i asked, ''why''? She explained~

Yes! Her explanation do suit my situation sometimes. We may eat we them, laugh with them, hear their deadly funny story, lend ears to love stories...list goes on.But, they will never cry with u (if they will it may just be for the sake of a good relationship,no more than that), they will be no conversation that will remind the soul about the ultimate goal of living in this life, no takmil wa istiqmal (correct each other mistake)....lots~

Instead, the friendships will full with laugh and laugh and laugh, then have meals together, chattering about life (study?gossips?..*cough*), go sightseeing plan, shopping trip, take pictures (extra-unneeded pose), have fun plans, erm...sharing the pain of Ausmat sometimes...Is that what we live for? is that what a friend (or friends)for?

Thats a BIG different of a friendship for Allah's sake and friendship for fun and fulfilling the world's need *fullstop*

p/s: as we are talking about the beauty of the world, we tend forget about the beauty of the ultimate Jannah. When we are distract and allure into the colourful enjoyments of the small impermanent world, we will be weak, aimless, astray (im imagining a feral cat..~) and never see the ultimate life and goal- the hereafter.

Bad English -SOrryifThat makes not-so-smooth reading~


  1. living like riding on a small boat on the open ocean to reach our destination..
    but, as we travel, there will always be water pooling into the boat..
    and if we ignored it n let our boat filled with water, soon, we'll never reach our destination but end up sunk to the bottom of the ocean..