Saturday, September 11, 2010

Feeling unwell~

Worried, confused, dazed, unease, overreact, impatient,restless,...bla3...oh, is this happen to you sometimes?
When we feel all/some/almost all of those>>>all is complete, no problem in life, easy-to get-what-you-want situation and more, that is when the heart is losing its wonderful power of king controller of the whole actions and feelings.
When ad-dunya is put above al-akhirah, that is when things keep falling upside down. Oh, how i feel 'em right now. I will rush to pharmacy when my physicals sick, but when my heart sick, what should i do? I blame myself for being so weak, always fell sick all the time. Allah is The Great. May He preserve our heart to always be near to Him. I pray that this heart will cure soon, I want to cry but I couldn't and I'm tortured being in this state!
Al-quran and solah is the best solution, I will try and try and try.Pray for me ya!

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