Monday, September 10, 2012

You never fit in ! PART 1

I realize time passes by so so fast.It has been almost two years since I first step in this beautiful city of Adelaide.The city of churches.I called this city a mix of Kangar,Perlis,Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Peaceful yet so exciting.

I love uni and I wish I am in uni FOREVER (except I want to PASS,of course). maybe I just love the way the education system works here.Whoever design this type of education system are truly incredibly awesome people.

Well, my uni life is quite what I wanted, always my dream.I like it when there is no compulsory orientation.I hate orientation.In high school, they made us attended orientations every single year.Even in my senior year!Never mind,leave the horrible years behind and live the balance life to the fullest! Well, here there was actually orientation but mostly guides about locals and stuff and there's a trip (just pay some amount,and you get to enjoy yourself but i was busy searching for a house back then =P ).Orientation week that I knew before this was a pretty boring and dumb week.We got lock in a building or a room,listening  for ever-tiring motivational talk,get outside and play outdoors of what I hate.Well, different people prefer diff sorts of outdoor activities.It can be anything from gardening, bowling,swimming or hiking.Why narrow the space to just playing netball, basketball,etc.

Uni is much cooler when attendance to the lectures are not compulsory and lecture recordings are provided.It is not that I disregard the importance of a direct communication, but it actually teaches the students to be responsible of their job as a students.We are treated as adults.We made decisions and rules for ourselves.It's not a paternal relationship between lecturers and students.We are just like equal.We can voice out what we want and what we don't. We can change the way we were taught to which we prefer and like most.That is crazy when I first experience it. I remembered in high school when I was so outspoken and tried to change how I was taught. I guess most of my friends thought that I am so over the limit and not being a humble student.I thought they were right,but now I know what I did was just normal and right.It is just not the culture as they are in Adelaide,Australia. = )

to be continue..

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  1. best2.tapi sini sana totally lain lah kan.sini if minggu orentasi,still the talk and talk.phewww..

    seronok Nainah.harap dapat peluang rasa pengalaman macam tu jgk. :)

    take care. :)