Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spring break!

It is spring break and it is very sunny.How niceeee~but i don't tan under then sun,i,maybe it is the best to keep away from Sun~

Holiday is the best when you have super giant massive hectic week before and then a 2 weeks of not-doing-nothing~How nice.I can cook whatever I want,how long I want,how often I want.I can tidy up things,organize/redecorate my room with all the time I have.I can see the beach, soak under the sun, breath the spring scent.

It was lovely to watch the sun set down. Subhanallah, so beautiful.We even had picnic while watching the sunset. =D
We went to Hallet Cove beach (which I think it is the suburb called Seacliff, not really Hallet Cove)

Look at the new moon~subhanallah! The horizon,the night sky..all those experience really make it worth all the hard work of studying and practicing SPI. =P

The girls checking on the photos.

Sun said goodbye for the day~

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