Friday, May 4, 2012

Eating Disorder

It has come to the time where everybody will eat and eat and eat.yeap!our part time job~when the locals were busy with their part time work as barista, cashier,pharmacy assistant, cook and baby sitter,we sit tight in our house with heater on on the colder night.We sit tight with our favourite laksa,tomyam or 'kanji' that we cook ourselves and STUDY!~

Yeap, the contract with JPA said that we must not work while study as we are paid to study~fine fine...and me, i did study for an hour or two until my back ache and i feel like eating AGAIN~though i'm full, i  wish i have bigger 'compartment' and rapid food absorption to eat again!

This is the story when tests and quizzes and assignments due strictly next week.I can be bloated to death as oppose of starve to death.So that I am aware that this is a good life but this life isn't permanent.This life isn't meant for this life!And this life is like a movie where it ended when it feels like it's just started.But the story of test and quiz is an episode where the ending is already determined.Known.but haven't being reveal.and yup>>>>>>>>>>i gotta continue studying ^^ cheers for reading my 'merepeking'  and see ya!

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