Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What am I gonna do??

Fuh,what a year!It has been almost a year,I suppose?Well readers,life is good here.How's yours?I am so proud to announce that this blog will come back to life,yeay~ (well,I hope it last long). By the way, I plan to write about Adelaide and starting to post my business entries in the upcoming days.(I am sooo excited!!)

I wanna show off some of the pictures taken with my HTC Desire HD which is soo awesome~lalala..i'm not so into photo capturing but this is way to cool when you snap a picture using mobile phone camera and it turns out to look like one of a DSLR quality..(i'm in high dose of self-esteem this morning) ^___^

Mount Lofty Botanical Garden ,Stirling,SA

Bottle brush tree in front of a house in Klemzig,South Australia.

Spring emerged.Leaves appeared.Blue sky at Mount Lofty Botanical Garden 

Car park?eheh..during late winter

This tree has turn over  new leaves ^^

Mount George jungle in the evening in winter

What am i capturing?lols

Love hiking without pacat.This is Australia forest!

in fern valley,mount lofty botanical garden.technique used:main blasah saje =D

beautiful bushes 

So blue


All praise to Allah,so beautiful!!

Konon nk tunjuk kata besar sgt2 daun nie ^__^

This is sweet.Subhanallah~

Mcm lukisan!!

Suke gambar nie :))))


  1. assalamualaikum.
    hai nainah!my 1st stop here.hihi.

    subhanAllah.nice sangat view.keep blogging please. ;)

  2. wsalam..hehe,dh lama dh xde idea~hari nie tiba2 je smgt ^^ thanks~

  3. subhanallah...

    cantik ciptaanNya...masa ni musim bunga ke?