Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mood Swing~~~~

I was staring at a girl, a friend of mine. Why she act weird these days? When i started talking to her, she look so annoyed, seem like dont want to be disturb.and she started easily getting angry for small little thingy. Then, she said, after a few days to me, "Sori dude, i had PMS, bad one". i was blur~ (fictional story from a GUY point of view )

Lols, things turn upside down when i try to practice the PMS thingy.

ME: mom, i feel like i wanna eat everyone in this house
MOM: why, is the food not enough for u? 

another situation which i dont really remember well..

MOM: dont sulk for such tiny things~
ME: I feel like crying....*cry*

Then i stumble upon an article about PMS.From that day onwards, i feel like i had an explanation for what happen to my mood.Then, I said to mom," Mum, sorry if i uncontrollably become mad or do stupid things which u annoyed so much.I feel annoyed too.but, i cannot control cause it was PMS."
MOM: * org Islam xde nyer pakai teori barat tuh, iman je yg control tindakan kita*  

something like this lah~haha....true blue

(haha....why i write these things for the very 1st place~)


  1. badly written coz its 3 am morning~~~

  2. I can imagine cikgu saying those words.. ha ha ha

  3. credit to ur mom...she such a great n adorable mummy,teacher, m.usu..etc..gud listener too..kem slm kat dia...~~