Thursday, October 21, 2010

Only PURE hearts can touch others~

1. 10 days before SACE
2. madly crazily obsess with Open Your Eyes song by Maher Zain

jUst Some ThouGhts >>>>>>>

i was thinking why i am so crazy with the MZ songs.Why? i listened to Sami Yusuf, Dawud WhansbyYusuf Islam, Zain Bikha, etc but i never/rarely have this strong feeling  (feeling more closer to Allah, feeling of renewal..). Yup, Al- mu'alim by Sami Yusuf made us love Rasulullah even more, People in the Boxes by Dawud Whansby Ali do open a new perspective of live, You are never alone by Zain Bikha is the best ever coz of it DEEP meaning but but but....Maher Zain's Open Your Eyes, Insya Allah, Ya Nabi Salam 'Alaik, Always Be There songs ( and more) are super touching and super assuring and super COOL~ no, i dont think because of his sweet voice or what..Coz Sami Yusuf voice is even more 'cair'  err, 'sedap'~

But , as I discovered his journey from a famous non-islamic composer to an Islamic singer, the story beyond it does tell everything~ His songs reflects his heart, his pure objectiv which is to spread the words of Allah, InsyaAllah, Subhanallah, Allahuakbar to every home (Maher Zain, 15 October 2010)...make it be played in every home!!!

Conclusion: The words are simple, cliché ..but only pure hearts can touch other hearts. 

"Kawan yang paling baik adalah apabila kita melihatnya(atau teringatkannya) dia mengingatkan kita pada Allah dan menyentuh hati kita" (miss my friend....)


  1. Salam also crazy with that very touched song
    Second..Allah choose you to go through this hard study style as He knows that you are strong person and need respective tarbiyah way...
    Third..keep going until the end of exam!
    May Allah ease>.<

  2. anonymous: thanks 4 the heartwarming words~

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