Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is my story~

Dulu pernah baca novel mawar berduri karya Fatimah Syarha. Macam to good to be true je jalan cerita dia.Macam sangat perfect.(mengeluh)...

I have to throw this out and away.See, things around me are changing me swiftly. I learn to tolerate a lot of things after school. That changes me. I tolerate with culture.I tolerate with the way people around me are behaving. I tolerate with guys and girls out there...TOLERATE.Thats what I have done ever since.Like my sista, she tolerates to. Shifting schools really makes her a different person. Sometimes, I am worried about her.But I never worried about myself.

TOLERATION was the worst thing to put into action. Once you tolerate with something, it'll change your way of handling things. I tolerate with limits.My limits are always high and I am making sure of that. Suddenly, toleration do trap me. My mum said ,we must not be too harsh to people. We cannot make them understand things in a night. I agree. I encounter with real people now. Ones who are helpless and needing people who understand to explain to them. We must not hate them but to feel sorry for them.

So human am I, am not?Always making mistakes. Mistakes cannot be undone but to be hold to memory and learn from it. I'm wrong for taking that myself are so armored. Indeed the Allah is The Best Protector.

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