Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is it, and i should not be upset~

It's Jun and thats mean i am 3 months away from Trial and less that 5 months away for SACE external exam.It is unfair that a very short time will determine those.My future and yet my long-aim ambition. I do not put to much hope for SACE nor I have much trust in myself as the 'inner' me are crashing and colliding like gas particle,so randomly. I try to apply the physics concept. I try to think like Stephen Hawkings, the way he theorized the big bang. The way it has to be logic and always logic.

"There is no truth in illogical things. Everything needs facts.">>that is a wrong principle to carry and hold to the heart.

Abah said that i always think logic and i believe myself could change the world which is in fact those are all by Allah's will.
Not everything needs logic to work out something. Logic is not our god but Allah is. Logic do not made the muslimin win in the Badr War.Logic just do not fit in everything. It is just theorized by human being of which they make others to believe in so much.

So, this is similarly connected in every way of every human life. How powerful we are in this tiny world, how healthy we are and how happy we are do not guaranteed an expected ending.Illogical will always encircle us. Illogical is logical. It is all Allah's will and we have no power to change.

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