Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am a pharmacy student,what do I do?

Monday- Dosage Form Design lecture (2hours)
I still go to the lecture even if there are recordings and I am proud of myself! Monday is a happy day.I can have lunch at home.Smile.

Tuesday- Dosage Form Design tutorial (50 minutes) fortnightly
            - Pharmacology and Pathophysiology tutorial (50 minutes)
            - Pharmacology and Pathophysiology lecture (2hours)

I'm preparing for tutorials like preparing for exam,my friend once said.Overall, the day was long.I always grab some sushi or kebab for lunch.No lunchbox anymore this year,sadly.

Wednesday- Pharmacy Practice lecture (1 hour)
                  Dosage Form Design Practical (3 hours) once in 3 weeks 
                  >>very nice free time indeed~

I was chilling in most of the practicals.I am loving lab a lottt!

Thursday- Pharmacology and Pathophysiology lecture (2 hour)
             - Pharmacy Practice lecture (1 hour)
              -Pharmacy Practice lecture (1 hour)
Huge gap (3 hours of nothing to do--haha,seriously nothing?) between the 1 hour lecture makes me surrender and listen to the recording instead.opps..(and hungry too)


Chilling day! 9-11 practical. (Most dreaded!!!) -chance to give advice to the 'patient'


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  1. best jaduaaaal nainah!;p
    lain sangat compare to sini punya.