Thursday, May 12, 2011

Matlamat x akan pernah menghalalkan cara

firstly, I apologize for posting this.I just feel that why not people give a think on it . p/s: bahasa rojak use the least ATP.i dun want to do more thinking. I hv test next week!

Lets put a simple fairytale example as an analogy to this topic.Have you heard the story about Robin Hood?Well, he is an Irish man living in 1300's and is well known for his aim of life (at least I think it is) of helping the poor.Noble man, I should say from what I know. But, he actually robbed from the rich to give it to the poor.Is he noble enough?So, this is it. Good aim never allow us to do bad things.It is just mathematical formula:

good+bad = bad
(good)(bad) =bad

Only pure intention and ways will keep the aim pure.

In reality, as I step into university life, things are completely out of my expectation. I thought of having some kind of culture shock (in fact I did for some other reasons), but I'm not. The atmosphere is just awesome. They have got strong bond between each other and see each other as a  Muslim  brother and sister. A lot of nourishing biah which I am so lazy to explain. I once being ask by a senior, "Would you like to join Halaqah?". I was dumb struck. "Ea, normal ke tanya mcm nie?", I monologue.
Long while after that, similar question being asked to me again adding the words "...I know you have your own halaqah but just asking either you wanted to join ". I was like..'what is happening here??im clueless'.

Some basic things that I know are:
1. matlamat yang baik tidak akan menghalalkan cara.Pada saya, cukuplah andai Islam itu sudah disampaikan oleh orang lain kepada orang yang kita nk sampaikan. Walaupun cara berbeza, matlamat adalah sama! Kita patut rasa selesa dah gembira kerana kerja kita diteruskan olehnya.
Analogy: Seorang cikgu tengah mengajar seorang murid.Tiba-tiba datang seorang cikgu lain,nk mengajar benda yang sama kepada murid tersebut.Cikgu itu bertanya kepada murid tue, "nk x cg ajar?"
(i leave it tergantung lazy)...

in a nutshell

Rebutlah keredhaan Allah. Keredhaan Allah bukan terletak kepada banyaknya pelajar yang belajar darinya tetapi keikhlasan menyampaikan ilmu walau sedikit.

2.refer 7 tahap da'wah fardiyah. marhalah 7 without marhalah 1-6 is crap!

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  1. Allah tak menjanjikan syurga jika mempunyai halaqah yg bnyk dan pengikut yg ramai, tetapi dengan ISLAM, syurga adalah pasti....means sejauh manakah pembawaan Islam dalam setiap halaqah yg kita ikut...